5,000 Gallon Per Day Reverse Osmosis System

5,000 Gallon Per Day Reverse Osmosis System
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Product Description

5,000 Gallon Per Day Reverse Osmosis System

  • Membrane: Three 4" x 40" TFC HF1 Membranes, For maximum rejection of impurities and high flow.

  • Membrane Housing: Three 4" x 40" Champ Membrane Housing, Features a patented design and requires no tools for servicing.

  • Pump & Motor: One Goulds 1.5 HP Multistage Pump and Motor, 110 or 220 volts AC, 60 or 50 hertz, single phase, Designed for continuous high pressures.

  • Frame: Aluminum, White Powder Coated, Corrosion resistant, and light weight.

  • Sediment Filter: One 4.5" x 20" Big White 5 Micron Sediment Filter, Removes sediments and protects the system.

  • Carbon Block: One 4.5" x 20" Big White 10 Micron Carbon Block, Removes chlorine, odor, and taste from incoming feed water.

  • Sediment Filter: One 4.5" x 20" Big White 1 Micron Sediment Filter, Removes sediments, and protects the system down to 1 micron.

  • Filter Housing: Three 4.5" x 20" Big Grey Double O-Ring Filter Housings, Offers durability and improved sealing capabilities.

  • Pressure Gauges: Two 2.5" Gauges, 0-300 PSI, Panel Mounted Glycerin Filled and Two 1.5" Gauges, 0-160 PSI, Top Mounted Dry Gauges, For monitoring the system's operating pressure, the filter and carbon operating pressure.

  • Low Pressure Switch: One McCann's Low Pressure Switch, Safety device to protect the pump from running dry when there is insufficient feed water pressure.

  • Solenoid Valve: One Solenoid Valve with Manual Override, 110 or 220 Volts AC, 60 or 50 hertz, Assists with the on/off functionality of the system.

  • Manual Flush Valve: One 1/2" Stainless Steel Needle Valve, Regulates the product to waste ratio (systems recovery).

  • Switch: One Manual On/Off Switch.

  • Computer Controller: One Minitrol Computer Controller, 110 or 220 volts AC, with pre-treat lockout, tank full contacts, low pressure monitoring, and alarm.

  • Flow Meters: One Product (0-10 GPM) & One Waste (0-10 GPM) Flow Meters, Enables operator to accurately adjust product to waste ratio and monitor systems performance.

  • TDS Meter: One Panel Mount TDS Meter, Provides you with accurate readings of the feed and product water quality.

  • Easy Maintenance & Operation: CRYSTAL QUEST® commercial reverse osmosis systems feature a compact design and have all of their components strategically located for easy access and inspection.

Optional Features:

  • Stainless Steel Housings: Three 4” x 40” Puro Tech Stainless Steel Membrane Housings, 1/2” FNPT.

  • High Pressure Switch: One Square D High Pressure Switch, Automatically starts when the tank pressure falls below 40 psi, and stops when the pressure reaches 60 psi.

  • Auto Flush: This feature will flush the system's membranes with the feed water, thus extending membrane life.

  • Float Switch: One Mechanical Float Switch, For atmospheric storage tank applications.

  • Concentrate Re-Circulate: This feature offers a higher recovery rate for the system by taking a percentage of the waste water and feeding it back into the system.

System Specifications

Design Vertical
Gallons Per Day
5000 @ 77 F
Dimensions (Approx.)
30" x 38 " x 47 "
Weight (Approx.)
250 lbs.
Concentrate Re-Circulate
Auto Flush
Element Size (in.)
4040 TFC HF1
Elements (Qty.)
Motor HP
110 or 220 Volts AC
60 or 50 cycle
Feed Connection
Product Connection
Waste Connection

Operating Specifications

Minimum Feed Pressure 35 psi
Minimum NaCl - % Rejection 96%
Minimum Feed (GPM) 7
Maximum Hardness 15 Grains / Gallon
Maximum TDS 2000 ppm
Operating Pressure 150 psi
Maximum NaCl - % Rejection 98.50%
Maximum Feed (GPM) 15
pH Range 11-Mar
Maximum Temperature 1050 F

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Crystal Quest Water Filter Reviews

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