CQ-10 Arsenic Removal Filtration Media

Crystal Quest Arsenic filters contain the Arsenic removing filtration media called CQ-10. CQ-10 is a strongly basic hybrid anion exchange resin specially formulated to selectively remove arsenic. It is supplied in the salt form as clean, moist, tough, uniform, spherical beads. CQ-10 exhibits extraordinary throughput capacity in arsenic removal service on potable water supplies. Its performance is virtually unaffected by common anions, such as chlorides, bicarbonates or sulfates. CQ-10 is effective over the entire pH range of potable water.

Features & Benefits

  • TREMENDOUS AFFINITY FOR ARSENIC OVER OTHER ANIONS: Highest arsenic removal capacity of organic based arsenic removal media.



  • Effluent arsenic levels will not exceed influent levels if resin is operated past exhaustion point.




  • Spherical and uniform particle size provide low pressure drop and greater resistance to bed compaction.

  • Unlike granular, coated medias, ASM-10-HP will not shed particles.

    Suggested Operating Conditions:

    • Flow Rate: 2 to 10 gpm/cu. ft.; 1 to 20 gpm/sq. ft.
    • Pressure Loss 25 psi max.
    • Temperature 170°F max.

    Feedwater Quality Guidelines:

    Feedwater quality (aside from arsenic) should generally be of potable quality with the following conditions:

    • Conductivity: 1000 micromhos/cm
    • Chloride: 250 ppm
    • Sulfate: 250 ppm
    • pH: 5.5 to 9.5
    • Phosphate: 5 ppm
    • Silica: 10 ppm
    • Turbidity: 5 NTU
    • Chlorine: 0.3 ppm
  • Operating Capacity

    CQ-10 Arsenic Removal Filtration Media
    Under ideal conditions, the 1st cycle throughput capacity for arsenic removal with approximately 50 ppb As+5 in the inlet is greater than 500,000 gallons per cu. ft., while producing output with less than 10 ppb of effluent arsenic. The throughput capacity varies inversely with changes in the influent arsenic levels.

    CQ-10 has also modest capacity for arsenite (As+3). It is suggested that if the arsenite concentration exceeds 20% of the total arsenic present, the feedwater should be pre-chlorinated to ensure conversion to arsenate (As+5). CQ-10 is also selective for other oxy-anions, such as selenate. CQ-10 will also remove modest amounts of both phosphate and silica.

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