CQ-100 Nitrate Removal Filtration Media

Crystal Quest Nitrate Removing Filters contain the Nitrate Removing media called CQ-100. CQ-100 is a strong base anion exchange resin supplied in the chloride form as moist, tough, uniform spherical beads. It is especially useful in nitrate removal applications due to its ability to remove nitrates preferentially in the presence of sulfates and other divalent ions. The use of RESINTECH CQ-100 eliminates nitrate dumping and retains a greater degree of its operating capacity in the presence of high levels of sulfates where standard anion resins, would suffer loss in operating efficiencies and exhibit nitrate dumping in the presence of sulfates.

CQ-100 is also intended for use in applications involving monovalent and divalent ions where the monovalent ion must be removed preferentially, such as in removing perchlorates from ground waters.

Features & Benefits

  • HIGHEST OPERATING CAPACITY OF ANY NITRATE SELECTIVE RESIN: The unique amine functional group has been optimized to retain the highest operating capacity for a selective resin.



  • SUPERIOR PHYSICAL STABILITY: 93 percent plus sphericity and high crush strengths together with a very uniform particle size provide greater resistance to bead breakage.

Hydraulic Properties

CQ-100 Nitrate Removal Filtration Media
The operating capacity of RESINTECH SIR-100-HP for nitrate removal at various regeneration levels when treating an influent with a concentration of 500 ppm, as CaCO3, is shown in the table above.

Suggested Operating Conditions:

  • Maximum Temperature, Salt form: 170oF
  • Minimum Bed Depth: 24 inches
  • Backwash Rate: 50 to 75 % Bed Expansion
  • Regenerant Concentration: 2 percent
  • Regenerant Flow Rate: 0.25 to 1.0 gpm / cu. ft.
  • Regenerant Contact Time: At least 30 Minutes
  • Regenerant Level: 2 to 15 pounds / cu. ft.
  • Displacement Rinse Rate: Same as Regenerant Flow Rate
  • Displacement Rinse Volume: 10 to 15 Gallons / cu. ft.
  • Fast Rinse Rate: Same as Service Flow Rate
  • Fast Rinse Volume: 35 to 60 gal. / cu. ft.
  • Service Flow Rate: 2 to 4 gpm / cu. ft.


    The unique functional group gives CQ-100 over 25 times greater affinity for absorbing monovalent ions against multivalent ions than standard Type 1 or Type 2 strong base anion resins at 500 ppm TDS.

  • Nitrate Removal from Potable Waters -

    • RESINTECH SIR-100-HP removes nitrates efficiently with low leakage.

    • Its unique amine functional group eliminates the possibility of nitrate dumping, which can occur with other standard types of resins.

    • CQ-100 meets potable water requirements for all major European agencies.

  • Perchlorate in ground waters has been identified as a nuisance and potential health hazard. The perchlorate ion is so strongly attracted to anion exchange resins that in some cases it makes regeneration impractical. However, perchlorate concentration is usually so low that multivalent ions such as sulfate can dramatically reduce the loading for perchlorate by normal resins. CQ-100 can be used in these applications to maintain high loading and favorable economics. When used in conjunction with other exchangers it can become part of a superior process offering a high kinetic rate to make otherwise slow processes operate at a faster rate.

  • Chemical Processing and Resource Recovery - CQ-100 can be used to remove certain monovalent ions like nitrates, bromides, iodides, etc. from streams containing multivalent ions.

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