CQ-900 Fluoride Removal Filtration Media

Crystal Quest Fluoride removing filters contain a special Fluoride removing resin called CQ-900. CQ-900 is a high capacity synthetic adsorbent media that is highly selective for lead, arsenic and fluoride. The extremely high surface area and pore distribution gives this media the highest possible operating capacity and lowest possible leakage.

Features & Benefits

  • CQ-900 is a synthetic aluminum oxide that is specially processed to have a minimum of fines and other foreign matter.

  • CQ-900 removes metals through a combination of adsorption and chemical reaction with the media, thus the removal is not dependent on ion exchange.

  • CQ-900 has a uniform particle size similar to ion exchange resins. It has minimal shrinkage or swelling and low pressure loss. It is physically stable and can be used over a wide pH range.


  • Chemical Structure: Crystalline Aluminum Oxide
  • Physical Form Tough: Uniform Granules
  • pH Range: 4 - 10
  • Water Retention: Less than 5 percent
  • Solubility: Nil

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Crystal Quest® water filters remove hundreds of contaminants and LAST A LONG TIME. The unique high capacity and multi-stage design means no more over-priced and less effective water filters with replacement filter cartridges that have to be replaced every 100 to 500 gallons!

Pure Water Essentials offers Crystal Quest® water filtration products because Crystal Quest utilizes the latest technologies in the water industry coupled with 30 years of manufacturing expertise to provide you with high capacity, the most effective, healthiest and great-tasting water conveniently and at the most affordable price. Crystal Quest products are attractive, easy to install and use.

Crystal Quest Water Filter Reviews

The CRYSTAL QUEST® Pitcher Water Filter and Shower Filter were awarded "Best Buys" in the August 2006 issue of Consumers Digest magazine.

The CRYSTAL QUEST® Pitcher Water Filter, Shower Filters, Faucet Mount Water Filters, Countertop Plus Water Filter, Reverse Osmosis Filters, Refrigerator Filters, and Travel Water Filters have been recommended in "The Drinking Water Book - How to Eliminate Harmful Toxins From Your Water" (second edition 2006) by Colin Ingram, on pages 118, 119, 120, 121, 122, 134 and 160.